Saturday, January 25, 2014


Unlike many, January is one of my favorite months! It's my birthday month plus my two SIL's, a niece and my sweet Daddy! Yes, that's right! Five birthdays happen in January for my family! We usually have a party to eat cake and just be together. January gives me something to look forward to after the hustle and bustle of Christmas and New Year's. So even though today it is snowing like crazy and the temp is currently 25 degrees, I know that tomorrow the whole family will be here to celebrate January birthdays! And, it's predicted to be 44 degrees!

Then, after January, we have February.... the month of LOVE (and probably more snow!). So why now show a little love with a lovely wreath! This is an easy one! Here's how!

First, I put together this burlap wreath. It's super easy & can be the base for any holiday wreath.  At Christmas, I simply put a red bow on it.

Next, I found this felt heart cut out from The Dollar Tree.  I secured it to my wreath with invisible thread but a fine to medium gauge fishing line will do the trick!

Then I made a hanger from some leftover ribbon & voila!  I'm decorated for Valentine's Day! 
So, the moral to this story is... if January leaves you feeling depressed and shut in from all the cold and snow and you don't have five family birthdays to celebrate, then look to February!  Go ahead & start decorating!   Then you'll be thinking about that box of chocolates and beautiful flowers you may get from your honey!

Thanks, y'all!


Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Don't you just love this decal?  Well, I guess you may like it better if it was your own home state but it's Kentucky for me!  My good friend's daughter had one on her car & I really liked it.  So, sweet girl that she is, got one for me!  She told me it came from Etsy.  I got on Etsy & searched "home state decal"  & found several stores selling them with prices ranging from $1.50 to $5.  There are even T-shirts available.    So now you can show a little state pride for not a lot of money!

Thanks, y'all!


Friday, January 17, 2014


Well, here I am, making my first blog post.  I know, it's Friday, end of the week, but this is my beginning.  At Our Bluegrass Life, I want to share some crafts, some sewing projects, my love of all things BLUE, a recipe or two and share some spots in Kentucky that maybe you'd want to visit, too.  So stay tuned!  Next week I'll be doing some fine tuning of the blog & will be ready to turn out a project to two!